About Us

Jasmine Homes is a group of Architects, builders, project consultants, interior designers, and health and wellness specialists passionate about modern and contemporary house lifestyle and construction. 


Our mission continues to help homeowners discover the right modern design for their family and future living environment. Jasmine homes offering a modern and contemporary lifestyle. We celebrate not only being the best custom modern home builder, house transformation, and architects construction professional across the USA, but also we are proffering wellness and health to the living environment. We believe good buildings come from professional people, and all problems are solved by excellent design and technology.

Our collection of Jasmine contemporary and modern house designs feature simple exteriors and truly functional, spacious interiors visually connected by massive windows and skylight. Contemporary house design might sport a traditional exterior with Craftsman touches and a modern open floor plan with the master bedroom on the main level. Airy outdoor living spaces, spacious layouts, and large windows that aid in indoor/outdoor flow include garden and energy efficiency, which are typically highlighted in modern and contemporary house designs.

As we learn from the health and living environment, our prototype house with a modern architecture style offers a higher standard & philosophy of living and redefines energy efficiency.  Jasmine Homes are the next generation of wellness-based Real-estate and green community development that focuses on human health.

Leadership and Professional Networks

"Every architectural project contributes to the broader culture that reflects the modern lifestyle- which carries it massive responsibility for the environment and health."

Shahram Seifkar , Ph.D - Architect


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